Kayamiya Women’s 1920s Gatsby Headband Art Deco Inspired Flapper Bridal Wedding Headpiece

  • 1920s style headband,decorated with beads, crystal and feather
  • Vintage headpiece classical paisley pattern with feather;
  • Elastic band,fit all size; 100% Handmade;
  • Perfect handpiece to match with 1920s great gatsby flapper dress
  • Also elegant headband for wedding

Brand: kayamiya

Women’s 1920’s clothing broke out of the prim and proper mold of Victorian ideals and into free spirited casual wear. In the roaring 20s, the clothing was glamorous and the women were elegant. Kayamiya focus on 20’s dress includes fringe flapper dresses, flapper girl costumes,sequined flapper dress and beaded flapper dress.

Kayamiya Women’s Vintage 1920s Gatsby Headband Art Deco Feather Flapper Bridal Headpiece with Feather

Perfect match 1920s dress, for 20’s themed party/prom/wedding occasion.

100% handmade

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